How to Allow Abundance

Allowing abundance means stopping the struggle, strain, and frustration that come from trying to "acquire" money . . . and opening your heart and mind to the abundance you truly deserve.

Allowing abundance is not something you DO - it's an inner shift that makes money and abundance flow effortlessly to you.

If you've spent years trying to attract abundance; if you're tired of struggling to create a better life; if you're wondering why the Law of Attraction seems to work for other people but not for YOU . . . you've come to the right place!

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Living on a Fixed Income? How to Un-Fix It
The other day I was chatting with a neighbor and she started complaining about the rising cost of living. She said, "Everything is getting so expensive. I can't afford these increases; I'm on a fixed income!" Now, I'm going to say something radical, so brace yourself: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FIXED INCOME.  more

How to Distract Yourself From Lack-Focused Thoughts
One of the key principles of using the Law of Attraction is switching your focus from lack to abundance. In order to attract more of what you want, you need to stop focusing so much on what you DON'T want.  But I know from personal experience that this can be really hard sometimes! more

Dealing with Tragedy and Grief
How can you stay positive in the face of tragic circumstances like natural disasters, senseless massacres, serious illness, family problems, financial pressure, and the holiday depression that so many people feel this time of year? For many of us, the answer is simple; we CAN'T stay positive - at least not completely.  more

The Distance Between Scarcity and Abundance
How long does it take to travel this distance, to create abundance even while you are in the midst of scarcity and struggle?  This article shares some helpful tips on creating a more abundant life no matter where you are right now.  more

How to Use Affirmations for Money
Affirmations are a great tool for attracting more money and abundance into your life, but they need to be used in the right way to be effective.  This article shares a few tips about using affirmations to stay focused on abundance and overcome limiting beliefs.  more

Allow Abundance with the Power of Belief
Like many other people, you probably have some limiting beliefs about whether you deserve abundance or not.  This article shares three good places to start overriding those old, limiting beliefs and forming new, empowering beliefs.  more

Abundance Mini-Meditation
Here's a mini-meditation for connecting to the essence of abundance. It takes just a few minutes, but done properly it boosts your frequency and makes you feel fantastic! The more you tune into the FEELING of abundance, the more abundance you allow into your life. more

Attitude Shift: Seeing Your Life Full of Abundance
Like most other people, you've probably experienced periods of scarcity and financial struggle from time to time. Maybe you didn't have enough money to buy something you needed; or you had more bills than income; or you had a financial goal you were trying to reach and couldn't seem to make much progress. As a result, you probably felt frustrated and stuck. more

3 Money Affirmations to Say Daily
Affirmations can be helpful in attracting more money and other forms of abundance into your life, but you have to choose your money affirmations carefully and use them in the most effective way. Contrary to popular belief, affirmations do not have any magical powers all on their own. The true power of an affirmation is that it improves your feelings on a particular subject. more

New Moon Abundance Check Exercise
A few years ago I heard about a fun New Moon Abundance Check exercise that I've been using off and on when the spirit moves me. This is my own modified version of the exercise. more

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Know that whatever you desire to create in your life, whether it's more money, loving relationships, better health, happiness and inner peace . . . know that you CAN have it, and know that you DESERVE it.

With a little bit of insight and a little bit of practice, it's easy to dissolve abundance blockages and allow a consistent, easy flow of money and all forms of abundance into your life.

Trust in your ability to achieve your dreams . . . you are far more powerful than you know!

The #1 Reason People Struggle to
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