Abundance Mini-Meditation

Here's a mini-meditation for connecting to the essence of abundance. It takes just a few minutes, but done properly it boosts your frequency and makes you feel fantastic! The more you tune into the FEELING of abundance, the more abundance you allow into your life.

Take a moment right now to close your eyes and breathe. As you breathe slowly and deeply, imagine that you are releasing all forms of negativity from your mind and body. Breathe in light and peace, breathe out stress and tension.

Go ahead, take a few minutes to do that right now. Then open your eyes and continue reading.

Stream of AbundanceNow imagine that you can see a stream of abundance flowing down from the sky. See it any way you like, and in any color you like.

Focus on this stream and watch as it descends from the universe and comes directly to you. It comes gently down, down, down and begins flowing softly into the top of your head.

Feel your crown chakra (on the top of your head) opening wider to allow this stream of abundance to flow fully through you.

This stream of abundance feels so good. It flows softly down through your head and neck, down into your shoulders and chest, flows softly down your spine, down your arms and into your hands, through your abdomen and hips, down into your legs and feet . . . and everywhere it touches, you feel lightness and joy soaking into the cells of your body.

Your body is starting to tingle as this beautiful energy flows through you, and you feel your frequency beginning to rise, rise, rise as you come into alignment with the very essence of abundance. You are ONE with abundance, and it is drawn to you easily and frequently.

Abundance is now beginning to manifest in all areas of your life. Your health is improving. Your relationships are improving. Your financial situation is improving. Your career is becoming more meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding. Your life is transforming the longer you stay connected to this endless stream of abundance energy.

YOU FEEL SO GOOD when you are connected to the stream of abundance!

Stay with this feeling for a few moments, just breathing and noticing the sensations of lightness and peace that are pulsing through your body. Love it. Embrace it. Bask in it.

Say out loud:  "I am one with abundance."

Say it again:  "I am one with abundance."

Say it confidently:  "I AM ONE WITH ABUNDANCE!"

Say it with a smile:  "I am one with abundance. :-)"

Say it with deep gratitude:  "I am one with abundance."

Say it with conviction:  "I AM one with abundance."

Say it as if it is your truth:  "I AM ONE WITH ABUNDANCE."

And so it is.


Take another moment or two to just breathe and stay in this uplifted, abundant state.

Then continue with your day when you feel ready.

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