Abundance Resources

Below are some helpful abundance resources:

Positive Bliss
Lynette Turner is a Positivoligist™ who works with individuals and groups of people to help them create the most positive, productive and energized life possible, in order to live a wonderfully fulfilled life. Workshops include:  The "10 B's Of Positivity"© (based on her book of the same title), and Angelspeake™, Dream Analysis and Sound Healing workshops. Individual sessions also available. Life is all about B.L.I.S.S. - Believe Life Is Something Special, because it is and so are you. www.positiveblss.com

Tranquility Bay Wellness
Lots of helpful tips and techniques for easing stress, feeling better and improving physical wellness - all of which are very helpful in allowing abundance to flow easily!  www.tranquilitybaywellness.com

101 Ways to Attract Abundance
Learn 101 little tips, tricks, affirmations, and insights that you can apply every day to attract more abundance and happiness into your life.

Free Positive Thinking Guide
Want to get your thoughts in a better place?  Not sure how to do that?  "Change Your Life With Positive Thinking" is a 29-page guide that is jam-packed with practical advice and information on developing a true positive thinking HABIT.  Free Download

Inner Ease Technique
A simple, powerful technique that can be done in just minutes to calm emotional turbulence, fear, anxiety, stress, and other troublesome feelings.  Right-click on the link to download the guide directly from this website:  http://www.allowabundance.com/inner_ease.pdf