Allow Abundance with the Power of Belief

Allow Abundance with the Power of BeliefIf you are like most people, you have some limiting beliefs about whether or not you deserve abundance. 

Even though logically you may know that you are worthy, you may not feel worthy.  When you think about attracting more money into your life, you may feel excited and happy about it, but at the same time you may experience feelings of guilt or discomfort - like it just doesn't feel right to think of yourself that way.

These limiting beliefs are usually formed early in life, and changing them is crucial if you want to allow more abundance. If you don't change the beliefs that tell you having more money is wrong, greedy, selfish, or that you just plain don't deserve it, you will find ways to sabotage your efforts to obtain, and keep, more abundance.

The good news is that changing these limiting beliefs into more empowering beliefs is pretty simple; but it does require a bit of consistent effort.

Here are three good places to start:

1) Believe in your own goodness.

How do you feel about yourself, overall? Is your self-esteem healthy, or do you tend to focus more on your flaws and shortcomings? If you don't have a healthy level of love and respect for yourself, you will have a much harder time allowing abundance into your life. If your self-esteem needs a boost, start speaking to and about yourself from a place of deep love. Build yourself up with positive self-talk, cheer yourself on toward your goals, comfort yourself when you stumble, and forgive yourself for not being perfect.

Start believing in your own innate GOODNESS as a human being, and you'll find that you have a much easier time allowing money and abundance to flow to you.

2) Believe in your deservingness.

No matter what you've accomplished or haven't accomplished in life, no matter your age, social class, gender, or anything else - you deserve abundance just as much as everyone else does. If you have trouble believing this - really FEELING it - you need to work on it every day until you truly believe it. Start by affirming multiple times a day: "I deserve great abundance just as much as everyone else does." Say it like you mean it, and say it often! Over time, the truth of this statement will soak into your subconscious mind and override your former belief that you aren't good enough.

3) Believe that there is enough for everyone.

Another common abundance blockage is the belief that allowing more abundance for yourself will prevent others from having enough. To override this fear, you have to keep reminding yourself that this is an abundant universe that expands its resources the stronger and bigger our desires get. Even if you don't really believe that at first, keep saying it as if you do: "This universe can provide all that we need and so much more!" Also keep reminding yourself that the more abundance you allow into your life, the more you will be able to help others. Staying broke and miserable doesn't help anyone!

When it comes to manifesting anything in life, your beliefs hold immense power. Essentially, they provide the foundation upon which all of your dreams will be built. Believe in the possibilities, and your foundation will be vast, strong, and stable; able to hold the biggest of dreams!

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