Allowing Abundance

Allowing abundance SHOULD be easy - but all too often it can get confusing.  What exactly should you focus on?  For how long?  How often?  What should you DO each day to bring more money and abundance into your life?

Below you'll find plenty of tips, insights, articles and audios on how to allow abundance, plus lots of helpful ideas on how to overcome abundance blockages and challenges.

  • Living on a Fixed Income? Un-Fix It!
    The other day I was chatting with a neighbor and she started complaining about the rising cost of living. She said, "Everything is getting so expensive. I can't afford these increases; I'm on a fixed income!" Now, I'm going to say something radical, so brace yourself: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FIXED INCOME.
  • Distract Yourself From Lack-Focused Thoughts
    One of the key principles of using the Law of Attraction is switching your focus from lack to abundance. In order to attract more of what you want, you need to stop focusing so much on what you DON'T want. But I know from personal experience that this can be really hard sometimes!
  • Dealing with Tragedy and Grief
    How can you stay positive in the face of tragic circumstances like natural disasters, senseless massacres, serious illness, family problems, financial pressure, and the holiday depression that so many people feel this time of year? For many of us, the answer is simple; we CAN'T stay positive - at least not completely.
  • The Distance Between Scarcity and Abundance
    The distance between scarcity and abundance; how long does it take to travel this distance, to create abundance even while you are in the midst of scarcity and struggle? This article shares some helpful tips on creating a more abundant life no matter where you are right now.
  • How to Use Affirmations for Money
    How to use affirmations for money by raising your vibration, focusing on positive emotion, and overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Allow Abundance with the Power of Belief
    Like many other people, you probably have some limiting beliefs about whether you deserve abundance or not. This article shares three good places to start overriding those old, limiting beliefs and forming new, empowering beliefs.
  • Abundance Mini Meditation
    Here's a mini-meditation for connecting to the essence of abundance. It takes just a few minutes, but done properly it boosts your frequency and makes you feel fantastic! The more you tune into the FEELING of abundance, the more abundance you allow into your life.
  • Abundance Attitude Shift: Seeing Your Life Full of Abundance
    Periods of scarcity may seem to be caused by external circumstances, but they always begin within. "Abundance" is not just an external condition; it is actually a state of mind that you can adopt any time you want, and when you adopt a mind-set of abundance regularly, your outer conditions will shift to match your mind-set.
  • 3 Money Affirmations to Say Daily
    Money affirmations can be a powerful tool in attracting more money into your life, but only if you use them effectively. It's important not to contradict existing beliefs you may have about money, or the affirmations will have little effect. Here are three good money affirmations that can help you gently move into an abundant mind-set.
  • New Moon Abundance Check Exercise
    Since the new moon is right on the cusp of the waning and waxing of the moon, many people believe it's a good time for intentions that help you transition from one state to another (like transitioning from scarcity to abundance). Whether you believe in the power of the moon phases or not, creating these new moon abundance checks are a lot of fun and they help you create a habit of focusing more on abundance than scarcity; focusing more on what you want, rather than what you don't want.
  • Law of Attraction and New Year Resolutions
    Free guide on Law of Attraction and New Year Resolutions. Why traditional New Year Resolutions are so hard to achieve, and a much easier way to achieve them using the Law of Attraction, plus 7 Law of Attraction New Year Resolutions That Will Change Your Life.
  • Abundance MP3 Audio Allowing Abundance with Joy
    A free MP3 audio download that shows you how to use a mind-set of joy to allow more money and abundance into your life.
  • Law of Attraction Isn't Working for Me!
    If the Law of Attraction isn't working for you, there are several things you might be doing that can interfere with the process. This article describes 10 common ways people block results from coming into their lives when working with the Law of Attraction.
  • Make Manifesting Abundance FUN!
    Manifesting abundance is easy if you find ways to make it fun. Here are three fun games you can play to start drawing more money and abundance into your life.
  • 44 Abundance Affirmations
    Abundance affirmations are a great way to boost your vibrational frequency and move into alignment with the essence of abundance. Here are 44 Abundance Affirmations designed to help shift your feelings about money and abundance into a very positive place.
  • Law of Attraction: 5 Ways to Raise Your Frequency
    When it comes to allowing abundance and other great things into your life, it's crucial to keep your "frequency" in a nice, high, happy place. What is a "frequency"?
  • How to Develop an Abundance Mentality
    You probably know that in order to create abundance you need to stay focused on abundance - in other words, you need to develop a strong "abundance mentality" that will override your old "scarcity mentality". Here are two steps to start doing just that.
  • The Art of Allowing
    The art of allowing is a state of alignment with the essence of the things you've been trying to attract into your life. Maybe you've been trying to attract more money, or the love of your life, or a new job, or better health. You may spend time each day visualizing these things, but that's not all you need to do.
  • Allowing Abundance: The Universe Isn't Punishing You
    Do you ever feel "victimized" because you can't seem to manifest the money, abundance, love, or well-being you so deeply desire? Many times people say, "I feel like I'm being punished by the universe . . ." or "I just have really bad luck . . ."
  • Attracting Abundance: Common Abundance Blockages
    There are a lot of potential stumbling blocks when it comes to attracting abundance. Even if you keep your thoughts focused firmly on abundance instead of scarcity, these three common abundance blockages might hold you back.
  • Creating Abundance: How to Create an Abundant Life
    Creating abundance in the midst of scarcity can seem almost magical in a way. You start changing your thoughts. . . and poof! Money and abundance start flowing in from many sources, both expected and unexpected. But how exactly do you do this?
  • Gratitude and Abundance: How to Allow Abundance with a Daily Gratitude Practice
    Using gratitude to allow abundance is really just a matter of choosing a better perspective. Focus on things that you appreciate and feel grateful for, and you'll see more things to be grateful for. Focus on things that make you unhappy, and you'll see more things that make you unhappy. Here are 3 ways that a daily gratitude practice can increase your abundance and benefit your life.
  • How to Manifest Financial Abundance
    Using the power of your thoughts to manifest financial abundance is a fairly simple process, but it doesn't always work that easily for some people. Here are three important steps to take to manifest financial abundance.
  • Attracting Abundance vs. Allowing Abundance - What's the Difference?
    Attracting abundance, or allowing abundance - is there a difference? Which one really works to bring more money, abundance, and opportunities into your life? This article explains the fine differences between the two.
  • Why Stress Blocks Abundance
    When you feel stressed, whether about money or anything else, you send out a "signal" to the universe that you are in a negative place. While you are broadcasting that signal, you cannot allow in anything that would oppose it.
  • What is Allowing Abundance?
    "Allowing" is a state of being, not a state of "doing". It's not taking action or trying to make things happen - it's the state of being detached and allowing the universe to bring abundance to you with perfect timing, in the most perfect ways.
  • Allowing Abundance vs. Resisting Abundance
    What does "allowing abundance" really mean? What's the difference between allowing abundance and resisting abundance or blocking abundance? It's really about what you DO and what you FOCUS ON.