Clearing Common Abundance Blockages

There are a lot of potential stumbling blocks when it comes to attracting abundance.

You may already know that you need to keep your thoughts focused on abundance rather than scarcity; and you need to consistently visualize the abundant life you are trying to attract.

But you may not be aware of a few common abundance blockages that can hold you back, even if you're careful to keep your thoughts in line with what you want. Below are three common abundance blockages that need to be cleared before you can allow more abundance into your life.

The first common abundance blockage is a "victim mentality". You may be so used to "being wronged" (financially and otherwise) that you can't align your new abundant mindset with this negative self-perception.

You WANT to be abundant, you want to be successful, you want to be wealthy, but you also have a strong victim identity and you don't know how to let go of it. Money is heavily tied into this victim mindset; you keep manifesting financial "disasters" that keep you feeling powerless and victimized.

Overcoming a victim mindset requires you to acknowledge and embrace your own power. That doesn't mean denying that you have been victimized in the past - it just means no longer identifying who you ARE with the things that have happened to you.

You have to learn to see yourself as you really are; a brilliant, lovable, empowered, limitless being. Once you've truly embraced this new vision of yourself, you'll start feeling less victimized and more empowered - and your financial conditions will start reflecting that new belief.

The next common abundance blockage is the fear of what others would think if you suddenly became wealthy (or even more abundant than you are now).

You might have a subconscious fear that your friends or family members would be jealous of your newfound abundance, or you may even worry that they would ridicule you or reject you. On the other side of the coin, you might worry that they would become very demanding if they knew you had a lot of money, and you wouldn't be able to say no to their constant demands for money.

This blockage stems from a fear that you won't be able to handle the pressure of being wealthy. To overcome this blockage, you need to start seeing yourself as a confident person who doesn't need validation from other people; someone who is proud to be who you are and doesn't care if other people are jealous or demanding.

You need to start seeing yourself as a person who handles large sums of money responsibly and can easily manage the situations that may arise from having more money.

You can even "practice" handling some of the situations that make you uncomfortable by visualizing them. See yourself managing your money easily; see yourself feeling strong and confident even if other people are judging you. Over time, your inner strength grows and you no longer feel so intimidated about the idea of having more money.

The next common abundance blockage comes from being invested in strain and struggle. You may WANT to allow abundance to flow easily to you, but deep down inside you believe that money can't come easily; you have to work really hard, struggle, strain, and sacrifice for money. As long as you are holding this belief, you simply won't allow abundance into your life - unless it comes in a difficult, strenuous way.

Overcoming this blockage requires you to start developing a belief that money CAN come easily to you.

You won't be able to adopt this belief instantly; it takes time and consistent reinforcement. But one good way to start working on it is by constantly repeating to yourself, "I believe in EASY ABUNDANCE. I believe that money can come EASILY to me. I'm looking forward to allowing more money in EASY, FUN ways."

As you keep saying these things and focusing on the essence of easy abundance, you start dissolving your belief that money can't come easily. And of course, once money DOES start coming to you in easy, fun ways, you start believing it a whole lot more!

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