Creating Abundance: How to Create an Abundant Life

Creating abundance in the midst of scarcity can seem almost magical in a way - you start changing your thoughts, feeling better, trusting, believing, following inspired guidance . . . and poof!

Money and abundance start flowing in from many sources, both expected and unexpected.

Sounds great, right? But how exactly do you do this?

Creating abundance really requires three key steps:

Creating Abundance Step #1 - Improve Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are the gateway to abundance. Whatever you focus on most of the time is what you start drawing into your life. The problem is, if you are struggling with money you are probably focusing negatively on your financial situation. Every time you think about money, you are focused on thoughts of worry, stress, pressure, dread, anxiety, and frustration.

To create abundance, you must start focusing on money in positive ways. You need to focus on the things you LOVE about money. You need to be grateful for the money you have, and look forward to the bigger amounts of money that are coming to you in the future. You need to deliberately set aside thoughts of worry and stress, and develop a strong sense of trust and belief that things are getting better for you.

Creating Abundance Step #2 - Feel Better About Money

Next, it's important to start feeling better about money in any way you can. Every time you feel something, you emit a vibrational "frequency" to the universe, and the Law of Attraction returns the essence of that frequency into your life. So, when you feel worried and stressed, you start drawing more situations into your life that will make you feel stressed and worried.

To create abundance, you need to start finding ways to feel GOOD about money. You need to imagine yourself having unlimited amounts of money until you can FEEL the excitement of it. You need to focus on the good things about the money you have until you FEEL very uplifted and abundant. The more you feel that way, the more money you will allow into your life.

Creating Abundance Step #3 - Follow Inspired Guidance

Finally, creating abundance requires you to be open to inspired guidance and follow it as often as possible. When you start changing your thoughts and feelings as described above, you're going to activate universal forces that will start leading you to the best opportunities to increase your income. You'll receive a flood of creative ideas for things you can do to start bringing in more money, and you'll be led to the right people, resources, and opportunities to help you achieve your financial goals.

All you have to do is follow along with these inspired nudges, one at a time. You don't have to know how it will all work out; you don't even have to know what comes after the step you are about to take. Just take the step, and another step will appear. Then another, then another.

Creating abundance is so easy if you follow these steps! It becomes a natural, gentle process of opening to allow more and more and more abundance into your life. No straining and struggling necessary.

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