Gratitude and Abundance

How to Allow Abundance with a Daily Gratitude Practice

One of the quickest and easiest ways to allow abundance into your life is by deliberately focusing more on gratitude.

How can such a simple technique have an impact on your financial life? The Law of Attraction keeps returning more of the essence you focus on each day. Focus on things that you appreciate and feel grateful for, and you'll see more things to be grateful for. Focus on things that make you unhappy, and you'll see more things that make you unhappy.

Using gratitude to allow abundance is really just a matter of choosing a better perspective. Let's look at a simple example of the power of perspective:

Imagine a man that has no money; not even a few dollars to buy a meal. Suddenly a stranger appears and gives him $20. How would he react to receiving $20? He'd probably be overcome with joy and gratitude!

Now imagine a man that has $200, but needs $1000 more to pay his rent by tomorrow. What would his reaction be to receiving $20 from a stranger? He'd probably be appreciative, but still mostly focused on what he DOESN'T have - $980 still needed to pay his rent.

This isn't about the sum of money involved, but the FOCUS chosen in each example. You may think that a simple focus on gratitude can do nothing more than help you feel better about your life, but it goes much deeper than that.

Here are three powerful ways that gratitude and abundance can work together in your life:

Gratitude and Abundance: What You Focus on Expands

The more you make an effort to see the positive side in every situation, the more positive aspects you'll notice. Not only do you recognize more of the good stuff, you'll actually begin to attract it. Like attracts like!

The more grateful you are for what you already have, the more good things you will attract to be grateful about. The more positive you are, the more positive people you will attract.

The more appreciative you feel about money, the more money you will attract. On and on it goes, for every possible quality or experience you want to receive.

Gratitude and Abundance: You'll Attract More Opportunities

In order to recognize and take advantage of opportunities, you need to be open to them! If you're busy brooding about how awful your life is, you will be preoccupied and miss out on any opportunities that come your way.

You may also be so cynical that even if you see an opportunity, you won't act on it. An ongoing focus on gratitude keeps you feeling happy and open-minded, so you'll be more likely to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities you encounter.

Gratitude and Abundance: You'll Feel Better Now

A gratitude practice can also help you feel better in the present moment, even before you've started attracting more good things.

Gratitude helps you tune into the simpler pleasures in life, the small miracles, the glimpses of beauty that you would have missed otherwise. You feel more hopeful, optimistic, and enthusiastic about your life.

You even develop the willingness to find the "silver lining" in every cloud. Problems no longer make you feel powerless and out of control. You learn how to be grateful for the challenges, knowing there must be a solution or two following closely behind.

And of course, that very attitude is what ushers in the solutions and opportunities you seek.

A daily gratitude practice is one of the fastest ways to allow more abundance into your life, and it's easy to do. Simply spend a few minutes each day finding something to feel grateful for in every situation, but especially relating to money and abundance.

Appreciate the money you have; appreciate the money that's coming; appreciate the material possessions you have; feel grateful that more are on the way!

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