How to Manifest Financial Abundance

Manifesting financial abundance with the power of your thoughts is a fairly simple process, but it doesn't always work that easily for some people.

Have you tried to use the Law of Attraction before, but not made much progress? Perhaps you've visualized until you were blue in the face, said hundreds of affirmations, made vision boards to hang up all over your home - but still didn't get the results you wanted?

Why is it that the Law of Attraction sometimes seems not to work?

If the financial abundance you are trying to manifest hasn't shown up, you might be forgetting one or more of these important steps:

The first step to manifest financial abundance is to get your thoughts in order. As you may already know, you need to FOCUS on abundance frequently in order to attract it.

If you spend more time focused on the things you don't have, or on aspects of your financial situation that annoy or worry you, that's all you will keep attracting into your life. It's important to remember that focusing on the LACK of money is not the same thing as focusing on money!

Make it a rule to focus only on things you want to keep creating in your life, and firmly remove your focus from things that bother you.

Another vital step to manifest financial abundance is to start mending your relationship with money.

How would you describe your relationship with money? Do you two have a loving relationship, or a volatile one? Does money make you feel abandoned and alone frequently? Does money feel appreciated and loved by you?

These might seem like ridiculous questions, but they are very important!

Money is a form of energy, and the way you think about it and feel about it will affect the way it behaves in your life. Whatever you think, feel, and expect from money, it's going to fulfill your "request".

Do your best to start healing your relationship with money, just like you would with another person, and you'll notice with amazement that money responds to your efforts in very positive ways!

Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner relationship with everything in that world.

Another crucial step in manifesting financial abundance is to enter into a consistent state of allowing. How do you usually feel each day? Worried, pressured, exhausted, agitated? And not just relating to money either, but in most areas of your life.

Come up with one or two words that would accurately describe your emotional state most of the time. If you picked a "negative" word like "tired, frustrated, annoyed, angry" and so on, it's a clear sign that you are NOT vibrationally aligned with receiving abundance.

To allow abundance, you need to feel wonderful, happy, grateful, joyful, and loved. Allowing really means being open and receptive to money and abundance, rather than blocking it.

It means trusting the universe to provide for you, and believing fully that abundance is available to you always. And you can't focus on these things just mentally, you need to FEEL them deeply.

When you feel this way, you open the gateway to abundance and allow it to flow easily into every area of your life.

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