Law of Attraction: 5 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

When it comes to allowing abundance and other great things into your life, it's crucial to keep your "frequency" in a nice, high, happy place. What is a "frequency"? It's the signal you constantly broadcast to the universe according to your feelings.

So, when you feel high and happy, you are broadcasting a positive (high) signal. When you feel low, cranky, and irritable, you are broadcasting a negative (low) signal.

According to your signal, the law of attraction will return corresponding events and experiences into your life. When your frequency is low, you can only receive circumstances that match that low signal; which means problems, frustration, lack of progress, and so on. When your frequency is high, you receive positive circumstances, like more money and abundance, love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and more.

With this in mind, one of THE most crucial things you should do each day is work on getting and keeping your frequency in a high, happy place.

Here are 5 good ways to do that:

1) Get excited about something.

When you feel bored and disinterested in your daily activities, you can't help but emit a very low frequency. When you start getting excited about something, however, your frequency starts rising, rising, rising! You start to feel a little lighter, a little happier, a little more interested in your activities. If you keep that positive trend going, you just keep feeling better and better.

So, what can you get excited about? Daydream about things you would like to experience. Remember past experiences that were really exciting. Read stories about people living exciting lives and let them inspire you.

2) Have fun.

Do you spend most of your time focused on obligations and chores? If so, it's time to start making more time for fun! Spend time with friends as often as you can. Do fun things with your family. Visit museums, amusement parks, galleries, art shows, car shows, variety shows - anything that you personally would enjoy. The more fun and upbeat the activity, the more effective it will be in raising your frequency.

3) Get plenty of rest.

If you lead a stressful, busy life, it's possible that your frequency is constantly being dragged down because you are tired. It's important to get adequate rest as often as possible. This includes getting a full night's sleep (7-8 hours), and giving yourself some downtime to rest and relax. You may think you are too busy to do this, but when you are busy is the time you really NEED to do it.

4) Get inspired.

Have you ever felt really inspired by something? Maybe you watched an uplifting movie, caught a glimpse of a breathtaking sunset, or had a moment of profound spiritual grace . . . and it elevated your mind and heart to a place of awe and wonder. You don't have to wait for those moments to spontaneously appear; you can create them yourself! Seek awesome moments of connection and love as often as you can. Watch inspiring films, read inspiring books, study inspiring people. Lift your spirits and your frequency will follow suit!

5) Get silly.

Laughter is by far one of the best ways to raise your frequency. If you don't already enjoy a few deep belly laughs every day, it's time to start! Watch funny movies; read funny jokes online and share them with friends; find at least one thing to laugh about in every situation. Laughter is so good for you on so many levels, but it's especially beneficial for your frequency. When you laugh, you come into alignment with everything good you want and it can flow easily right into your life.

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