New Moon Abundance Check Exercise

New Moon Abundance Check ExerciseA few years ago I heard about a fun New Moon Abundance Check exercise that I've been using off and on when the spirit moves me.

(I've been unable to verify the original creator of the exercise; if you know, please let me know so I can give proper credit!)


Below is my own modified version of the exercise.

On the evening of the new moon, take a blank check from your checkbook. Where it says "Pay to the order of" write your full name.

On the line where you write out the dollar amount, write Paid in Full. In the little box where you write the numerical dollar amount, write Paid in Full.

Then sign the check, "The Law of Abundance".

In the Note section, write "Thank you!"

Then sit quietly for a few minutes and think about your most immediate financial goals AS IF THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACHIEVED.


  • If you are unemployed and want a good-paying job, think about how good it feels to have a steady, generous income. Focus on the ways this blesses you and your family, allowing you to pay bills easily and support your household.
  • If you have some debt you'd like to pay off, focus on how light and happy you feel being debt free.
  • If you have a need for a specific amount of money, imagine that it is sitting in your bank account right now, fully accessible to you to use for whatever you need it for.

No matter what your financial goals are, it's vital to focus on the outcome AS IF IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

Try to generate a strong feeling of gratitude and relief that the universe has met your financial needs. If your most immediate financial needs were met, you would feel incredibly grateful and relieved, right? Focus on that feeling now!

You can even express your gratitude out loud by saying something like, "Thank you so much for helping me financially, I am so grateful that you always support me." (You can adjust the words to suit your specific situation if you want.)

Then put the check in a safe place and put it out of your mind.

During the rest of the month, it's important to avoid worrying, stressing, or obsessing about money. Every time the subject enters your mind, affirm with full faith that the universe is taking care of your financial needs and you don't have to worry about them anymore.

This is really important because focusing on worry or doubt will conflict with the positive energy you sent out when writing your check. Try to hold on to that feeling of gratitude and relief for as long as you can, and carry it with you for the entire month as much as possible.

Why the New Moon? Can't you do this any time?

Yes, you can write these checks at any time during the month. But the moon phases have long been believed to hold certain power when it comes to intentions and even various activities.

The new moon is the last night of the "dark moon," right before the moon begins waxing (growing larger) toward full.

When the moon is waxing, it is believed to help with all "forward movement" intentions - like growth, expansion, love, abundance, health and happiness.

When the moon is waning (growing smaller) toward the new moon, it is believed to help with "decreasing" - like letting go of bad habits, ending unhealthy relationships, and so on.

Since the new moon is right on the cusp of the waning and waxing of the moon, many people believe it's a good time for intentions that help you transition from one state to another (like transitioning from scarcity to abundance).

Whether you believe in the power of the moon phases or not, creating these new moon abundance checks are a lot of fun and they help you create a habit of focusing more on abundance than scarcity; focusing more on what you WANT, rather than what you DON'T WANT.

Keep in mind that these checks themselves don't hold the power; YOU hold all the power.  The checks are simply a tangible, written symbol of your intention.  Whether or not the intention becomes reality depends solely on your ability to feel it and believe it into being.

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