The Universe is Not Punishing You

Once you begin working with the Law of Attraction in a very deliberate, consistent way, you realize something astounding: YOU were the only one holding back the things you wanted!

It's true. It may seem sometimes like you're being punished, or like you are the victim of some really bad luck, or even like you're "cursed" - but all of that is an illusion.

The only thing victimizing you is your lack of focus and lack of dedication to doing the inner work that will bring about better results.

When you spend time each day improving your vibrational frequency, focusing on the things you want, and releasing any resistance or blockages that might be holding you back . . . poof!

It's like magic happens.

Suddenly good things are zooming right into your life.

More money shows up; more opportunities show up; beneficial relationships and partnerships show up; better health shows up; joy and happiness show up.

They were yours for the taking all along, but because you weren't vibrationally aligned with receiving them, you didn't have access to them.

So, how do you get this process started? How do you start doing this "inner work" that will get the ball rolling?

It's all about how you FEEL.

Think about an area of your life you would like to improve. Then think about what your dominant feelings are on that subject most of the time.

Do you feel irritable, stressed, worried, anxious, pressured about it?

If so, that's a clear indicator that you are not aligned with receiving what you want.

Doing the inner work means letting go of those unpleasant feelings and moving into a lighter, more positive state of feeling on that subject.

You have to re-train your mind to focus on that subject in very positive ways that make you feel great - as opposed to complaining, worrying and stressing about it.

Once you start FEELING better about it, the better results you seek will be on their way to you.

Rather than seeing the universe as a judgmental force that has the power to punish or reward you, start seeing it as a giant MIRROR that simply reflects back the essence of your own thoughts and feelings. Change your thoughts and feelings, and the reflection you see in your outer life will change too.

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